Will Vegan’s Ever Rule The World?

Oh vegans. Aren’t they the best? They care about the planet, save the animals and care about their health.

What do you think? Will they ever rule the world? – And by “run the world”, I mean, will the majority of the humans be vegan? – I honestly have no idea.

I’ve been vegan for almost 5 years and I wouldn’t go back to being a carnivore. Meat made me sick. With a capital s. I felt like the meat couldn’t digest in my stomach. You know that feeling you get when you puke a little in your mouth after you eat? Well that’s what was happening to me after every meal.

Back in the day, I don’t think you woulda found a vegan for miles. Everybody had farms and ate their livestock. They didn’t consider their farm animals as pets, they saw them as food.

I do think that the world has changed drastically … What do you think? I think not. Maybe drastically isn’t the right word. Maybe a little bit sounds better. I do think that the world has changed a little bit. There, that sounds better. I actually meet people who are vegan now, they’re’s also quite a few vegan restaurants open & that are being opened.

2019 already surprised me.

I was super shocked when I heard about the new Canada’s Food Guide. I heard that they made a new one but I’d never checked it out. I was driving home one day and they were discussing it on the radio. CJLS to be exact.

canada's food guide 2019

Apparently, the new food guide is encouraging everyone to start cutting animal products & animal by-products out of their diets.

I was shocked to hear this and I’m sure everyone else was too.

Maybe vegans will run the world someday. Every day of every year is a new beginning. Isn’t that what they say? I think this proves that theory.

If you don’t belive me, click on the picture above. It’ll send you right to the website. I didn’t make this up.

To be vegan for almost 5 years has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I also don’t eat gluten & that was the second best decision I’ve ever made. I say that because I don’t have to feel guilty anymore to be eating animals. Animals hold a very big spot in my heart so why not treat them all equally.

I think one day in the hopefully near future, others will understand that eating animals isn’t doing your body any favours. It sure as hell isn’t doing the cows any favours.

I hope that humans get their priorities straight & fight for what’s right. And not fight for what “tastes good”. According to my carnivore friends, animal flesh tastes good. I 100% disagree. There is nothing good in drinking another animal’s breast milk & eating their flesh.



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