Why My Cellphone is Always on Silent

I remember being in Grade 7 when I got my first cellphone. A Samsung, I dunno what it was. I can still picture in my head of what it looked like. It flipped to the side and it was either blue-ish or black.

I also remember being one of the very last ones in my class to get a cellphone. That was about 8 years ago, how times have changed.

Nowadays, kids get cellphones in what, Grade 4 or maybe even before then. They have all the new technology. I know I’m not that old … yet, but I can’t wrap my mind around young kids each having an iPad or an iPhone for that matter.

All I understand is that we’re evolving & I think that’s the only explanation for it.

Now, let’s discuss why I picked “Why My Cellphone is Always on Silent” for the title of this post.

My phone is literally always on silent and it pisses my mom and my boyfriend off. They get mad when I don’t answer right away because they know I have it on silent.

When I eventually get ahold of them to know what they wanted, they complain about how I should put the ringer on. All I do is laugh because I haven’t had my ringer on in who knows how long. I don’t even remember the last time I heard my phone ring.

I still remember the ringtone though. Say Something by Christina Aguilera & A Great Big World. That song will forever be my favorite song. And for my text ringer, it’s the tweet sound.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I don’t put the ringer on. To answer your question: I always have my ringer off because I check my phone when I want & I answer texts, calls etc. when I get a chance too. I feel like it’s a bit liberating not to have it tweet & ring all the time.

Texts are made to answer when you get a chance. Yes, a phone call is made to answer right away but if it was that important, they’ll call back.

I used to be so addicted to my phone, it was unbelievable. I used to always have my ringer on, to make sure I never missed a text. I jumped when I heard it & ran right over to answer it.

I can’t remember when that all changed. It was definitely not overnight. I gradually started to not be so obsessed with my cellphone.

I usually have my phone on me at all time but that doesn’t mean I’m addicted. Most of us do have it on us all the time. Cellphones are ow the new normal, it simply means times have changed. Everybody owns some type of technology, even if it’s just an old flip phone.

I know people who still struggle with technology. I even struggle with it sometimes but I’m usually pretty good at figuring it out. I get so determined when I want something to work, that I make it work.

Those who still hate their cellphone or technology in general, it’s only because they haven’t used it before, played around with it or used it for their advantage.

I wrote a blog post a while back on my must-have apps. That’s just to show that I use my cellphone to my advantage. I find it so handy. I can call on it, I can text, I can do my online banking, I can write my blog posts on it, I can listen to podcasts and the list keeps going.

I use it all the time but when I want too. I keep my phone on silent so I don’t feel the need to listen for a ring. I will check & reply all my messages when I get a chance.

It’s simple as that.



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