What Defines Ones Beauty ?

As you all know, I’m currently studying to become an esthetician. A few weeks ago, in my Communications class, our teacher had us watch a documentary called “Beauty: In the Eyes of the Beheld”.

They interviewed 8 woman who are labeled as beautiful and asked them what it’s like to have to carry around all that pressure. All 8 woman have different career paths, for example, one of em, is an exotic dancer and another is a beauty pageant winner.

So, our assignment consisted of writting about our point of view on the documentary. How does social media play a role on our self-esteem and can beauty be labeled on somebody?

what defines ones beauty?

Beauty to me isn’t about how you look, it’s about what kind of personality you have. To me, personality is everything. You could be the most beautiful looking woman I’ve ever seen but if your personality sucks, you’re ugly. Look at the picture above 👆🏼. It’s the same girl but she looks a bit different doesn’t she??? Makeup, photoshop in the right & no filter, no makeup in the left one.

Beauty isn’t a “one-size-fits-all”. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I wouldn’t have labeled the woman in the documentary as beautiful, just because they’re not my definition of beautiful. Everybody has different opinions so I don’t think that it’s right to “label” a woman with such a strong title.

Between social media & others judging you, it puts a lot of pressure on a person to always feel the need to be perfect. Social media puts so much pressure on a person. The need to always look perfect & happy on social media, is a task that nobody can realistically acheive. With Instagram filters & photoshop apps, it makes woman try to acheive something that doesn’t exist. Even celebrities don’t look like their IG photos.

BEAUTY. What do you think defines one beauty?


•plastic surgery

•brand name clothing


•long blonde hair

•all of the above

Everybody has a different eye 👀 for beauty & we can’t change that. We shouldn’t want to change that. If you think that looks are everything, it says a lot about your own personality. You’re a wee-bit shallow. I think you should re-evaluate your morals.

Let’s talk trends. I think trends are bullshit 💩 When I can hear someone say, “I don’t wanna wear that, it’s outta style”, I wanna go up to them & smack them. Who gives a shit if it’s out of style. If you like it, then wear it. Who cares if it’s not “in-style”. All you should care about is if you like it or not and not if others are going to like it.

Beauty has become a big competition between woman and probably even between men too. I don’t know why, don’t ask me. The only person you can ask is yourself. You’re the only who knows why you compare yourself to others. Think about it, it’s simple. Do what makes you happy & F*** the rest. #sorrynotsorry ✨ Who told you to compare yourself to others? Nobody. Then why put yourself through the misery of not feeling good enough. You are enough. You are loved. You are beautiful. You can’t compare an orange to an apple, can you? Well, humans are the same way. You can’t compare yourself to your neighbour because you’re both completely different, in so many ways. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and that’s what we have to offer this unique world 🌎

All in all, what defines ones beauty? Yourself. That is the only opinion that matters. 💛



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