My Me-Time Must Haves

Everybody needs alone time. It’s so important for our mental health. It’s especially important for us introverts. That’s when I do my best thinking & that’s when I’m able to recharge my batteries.

Alone time is so much better with your favorite things. I know, how ironic but alone time means not being around people.

The list below is not to be combined together but to be enjoyed seperately (only a few can be enjoyed together).

To start off, a fuzzy blanket is a must-have. I love fuzzy/fluffy things, it could be a fluffy sweater, jacket, stuffed animal or blanket. It doesn’t matter because I just love to cuddle with it but a blanket is my fav.

Netflix. It’s fun to lay on the couch, in the dark, with a fuzzy blanky & watch binge watch Netflix. I love to find good series to binge watch.

I love to chill in the dark. My me-time usually consists of me turning the lights off. It’s more comforting for me to binge watch netflix in the dark. Just me & the characters on tv. With that said, I never turn the lights off when I’m shower-bathing because I’m too scared to fall asleep in the tub (my worst fear is drowning).

Maybe I’m not in the mood to lay on the couch so I decide to talk a bath. I love baths. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with shower baths. It’s when you put the shower on when you’re laying in the tub. It’s so much fun. It makes me feel like I’m under a waterfall. Hot baths aren’t complete without a good bath bomb or a bath salt. LUSH has the best bath bombs, fyi.

Now, the most important part. FOOD. Me-time snacks is usually food that can be categorized in the “comfort food” category. I sometimes even bring snacks in the bathtub with me 🙊 #FatKidAtHeart. The real Netflix experience isn’t complete without snacks. Vegan, Glutenfree snacks at that.

For the next important part of my me-time is my cats. I love hanging out with them. They cuddle with me no matter where I’m laying and Roma even comes in the bathroom with me. She lays on the bath mat while I’m in the shower. Animals always bring me joy 💛

Now let’s talk about napping. I was never someone that took naps but in the last few years, it’s my favorite thing to do #NapsAreLife. If I’m too tired to be around people & I’m getting cranky, I know I need to recharge & take a nap. Naps have really helped me with my mental health. When I’m stressed & overworked, I take a nap & go back at it after I wake up. I use naps as breaks. The perfect breaktime activity.

Last but not least. Running. I think, the best me-time I ever have is when I go for a run. At home I’m always surrounded by noise so if I need to get out of the house, I lace up my running shoes. That’s the best me-time I could ever ask for. Running for me is energizing & encouraging. It gives me the hope & strength I need to accomplish other tasks.

Alone time is very important. If you’re an extrovert, you probably disagree & that’s ok because for me alone time is important. Not everybody values it the same way & some simply hate being alone. What you consider your “me-time” might be completely different from me & that’s 💯% ok !!


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