Must Have Apps on my Phone

I’m not a huge fan of technology but it’s so helpful in my every day routine. I always have my phone on me so why not use it to my advantage.

I don’t like complicated though. If the app is going to make me want to chuck my phone out the window, then it’s not going to take me long to hit the big ❌ button.

My must-have iPhone apps 👇🏼

WordPress. Ever since I started my blog, I’ve been checking my website stats on the app. It’s so helpful and easy to use. I even wrote this post using the app. I didn’t have my laptop on hand so I figured out how to write my blog post without it. Apps are a great invention and I love how everyone is developping apps for their companies.

PicMonkey. I honestly just discovered this one. 🐵 It’s a life saver when it comes to decorating pictures for your social accounts. They have all template sizes and they even have background ideas, if you don’t want to use a picture from your camera roll.

Photo Collage. The all-time app to make a pic collage! Who doesn’t love to make a collage. Nobody. It’s an easy app to put all your related pictures in one, without using glue and scissors. They have so many templates to chose from & you use your own pictures from your phone.

RBC Mobile. LIFESAVER. I would never check my banking if I didn’t have the app for it. It’s so easy to pay bills, make transfers & check your account balances. 💲 it’s the must have app if you online bank.

and of course all the socials : Facebook & Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat & Twitter.

The social apps need to be on my phone because if they wouldn’t be, there would be no reason to be on social media. I do everything on my phone, from editing, writting posts & posting.

Cellphones run the world. Everybody has one & everybody is addicted to them. Since everybody has cellphones, why not use them to our advantage. I do. Download the apps of your most frequently visited websites or companies. It’ll save you time & energy. Not all websites and companies have apps … yet.

We live in a world where technology is taking over. Technology is getting more high-tech every day. We have to adapt because that’s the world we live in now.

Welcome to almost the year of 2019. It’s scary to wonder what’s next for new technology.

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