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Lets talk about my absolute favourite skin care company. LUSH.

I first learnt about LUSH from my aunt, I don’t even know how many years ago. She knew it would be right up my alley because the products are all natural, 100% vegetarian, mostly vegan, handmade, against animal testing & the list keeps going.

I researched the brand right after she talked to me about it & I’ve been using their soap ever since. I’m OBSESSED. I hate washing my body with anything else because LUSH soap feels so good on the skin & it leaves you smelling AMAZING. The soap leaves your skin feeling smooth like a baby’s bum.

I’ve tried so many of their other products, like, their makeup, bath bombs, face masks, lip scrubs & I’m sure I tried many more throughout the years.

The makeup is great if you’re going for the more natural look, which I usually go for the drag queen look so that’s why I haven’t re-bought their makeup products. I would highly recommend it though, just because I don’t use it religiously doesn’t mean it’s not good because it is.

Bath bombs are an addiction. It’s so much fun to pick them out, they’re all different shapes & sizes, different colours & sometimes some of them even have glitter in them. It makes your bath look so colourful & the sent it gives out is the bomb (pun intended).

I am all about having a flawless looking face. It’s hard to achieve but LUSH has great face masks so it’s an easy task to achieve. It scrubs off all dead skin, helps your blackheads, white heads & gets rid of all the other gunk that’s stuck in your pores. Whatever your skin needs are, they have the solution. I could really keep talking about how amazing their face masks are but who wants to listen to me yack all day, go see for yourself.

Now for lip scrubs. For all of us who live in a Country where we have a Winter season, well LUSH has the solution for you. We all get cracked lips in the winter, am I right ladies & gents. Suffer no more because they have the product for you. Go check it out. It scrubs all the dead skin off & leaves your lips feeling smooth. After you scrub, layer on that lip balm.

I’ve only talked about a handful of products so far & im sure you’ve already googled the brand. But let’s be real, I’m sure you’ve already heard of LUSH before. I just had to seal the deal.

I hope you all liked this style of post. Leave all your comments down below, I want to hear all about what products you’ve used from this wonderful brand !

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