My thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community.


I personally have gay friends and I care as much about them then I do my straight friends.

I also went to little school with a trans-man. It’s not my place to talk about his experience, so all I have to say is: I’m truly proud of him for realizing that he wasn’t happy and had the courage to change. 💙

It takes a lot of courage to be who you were meant to be.

I decided to write this blog post because we recently had a transgender guest speaker come to NSCC to talk to the whole school. I absolutely loved his talk & I wish I would’ve had the courage to tell him. He’s the best guest speaker I’ve ever listened too. Search him up, his name is Nolan Pike.

I believe I loved his talk so much because this topic is so interesting to me and he made sure to keep me ingaged. He made jokes, comments & he doesn’t get offended when non-trans people don’t understand his journey. That’s what he said anyway.

I feel so strongly about people who are trying to find themselves in this crazy, messed up world. I was that person & heck, I still am sometimes. I try not to let people influence my morals.

As humans, we all believe in different things. We all grow up differently & learn about it differently. We each have our paths to follow and that’s what makes us so unique.

I’m all for supporting others in their journey in finding who they are. If you feel that you were meant to be a woman but was born a male (or vice versa), you have the power to change that.

Pike explained that he got assaulted in a public restroom, that he never felt comfortable using them because he never knew which one to use. He touched on so many other topics but I’m mainly going to focus on this one.

The day after our guest speaker, we had an in-class discussion of what we thought about trans people.

I made sure to explain to my teacher that it’s not the system that’s put in place that make them feel uncomfortable, it’s people. Humans are so quick to say something hurtful, to judge something they know nothing about etc.

Honestly, what really needs to change, is people’s minds. How they think has to change. Not necessarily how public bathrooms are layed out but people need to mind their own business.

Who cares if the guy in the stall next to you doesn’t have a penis. He still has to use the bathroom like everybody else and mainly, he has feelings too.

With that said, sometimes its not the others that are the problem but the one who’s being picked on. Sometimes people from the LGBTQ+ community get mad at straight people for not knowing what they’re going through. That’s not right either. It’s not our fault.

I believe that they should have more patience with us who don’t know, because we have to learn. I know some people just simply don’t want to learn, so for them, don’t waste your time. F’ em. But there are some of us who do want to know more.

A situation like this, can really go both ways.

I hope you all read this, no matter if you’re gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, transgender, questioning or none of the above and rethink the way you think about others.

Love them all equally, treat them all equally & respect them all equally.

I’m straight and I’m not afraid to stand up for others who aren’t. Or are, for that matter. Everybody has a right and I strongly believe that.




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  1. Theresa says:

    Well said Chantelle !!! Everyone has the right to be who they are and it’s no one else’s business . We’re all involved in our own struggles and should respect everyone even though they’re on a different path than ourselves .

    1. Chantal Saulnier says:

      That’s right Theresa! Thank you for sharing 💛

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