I Like Cats Better Than Dogs

I like cats better than dogs.

Here’s why I say that.

I’m an independent young-woman, I’m a huge introvert & I don’t follow rules.

Isn’t that the definition of a cat (except for the young-woman part) ? I think so & it also describes me to a T.

Cats are a very independent animal. They wash themselves, they hunt mice like it’s a game & they don’t need to be watched 24/7.

But, they also have a cuddly side. My cats have always loved to cuddle with me, maybe not all the time but they do.

I’ve grown up around cats so that might be part of the reason. My parents had a cat when I was young & then after he passed away, we got another one when I was 5. She was my bestfriend. I used to shake her around & drag her everywhere around the house (not literally but you get the point). She just recently passed away this summer & now I have 2 cats with my boyfriend. I love them.

Roma, the mom, always follows me around the house & comes to me when I call her name & her daughter, Fifi, doesn’t listen at all (yet). She’s only 2 months old so she hasn’t learnt her name yet.

i like cats better than dogs

I’ve also loved lion’s for as long as I can remember, I even have a lion pic for my background on my phone.

The fact that I grew up with a cat in the house probably has something to do with why I love them so much but I also think my personality has a factor in the equation.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I’m a pretty big introvert. I don’t think I would’ve admitted that before but I’m at piece with it now. Cats are also pretty big introverts. They love their alone time. They don’t like to be touched all the time & don’t like to be bothered. With that said, they do like to be around people (sometimes) & like to be petted (if in the mood).

Most of the time cats use their selective hearing. You call their name, they look at you but they do it anyway. I’m like that sometimes too. I don’t like to follow rules so maybe I was a cat in my past life or if I wasn’t I wanna be one in my next life.

Also, cats don’t need to be watched 24/7. They eat when their hungry, they drink from the toilet when their thirsty & go to the poopoo plaza (like my boyfriend calls it) when they have to use the bathroom.

Unlike dogs, you can’t leave them in the house alone for the day. They pee on the floor, chew on your shoes & I dunno, eat the furniture.

Cats are trustworthy & that’s what I love about them. They still love you unconditionally like dogs do, they just show it in a different way.

I like cats better than dogs & that’s why.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave in the comments.



i like cats better than dogs

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