10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

We all have secrets and stuff we don’t share about ourselves with others. That’s just how it is. We don’t walk around with a pamphlet in our hands, showing it to strangers to discuss our life story. How horrifying would that be?

Most of the time I don’t give a shit about a lot of people. I don’t care if you like the colour blue or if you ate a whole pizza for supper last night. But yet, if we’re friends, I wanna know everything about you. Even with my boyfriend, I wanna know what his favourite colour is and what he was like when he was a kid etc. I actually love learning new things about people because it makes me understand the reason why they are, who they are today.

Everybody acts a certain way because of how they were treated in the past. I truly believe that our journey shapes us and moulds us in the humans we become. Everything happens for a reason.

Think about that next time you meet somebody that for example, doesn’t like dogs. Maybe they got attacked by a dog when they were a baby and it traumatized them forever. Maybe they’ve never owned one before and simply don’t know what it’s like (like me for example). We never know why somebody is a certain way if we don’t know anything about their past.

Every single human has a past and a story to tell. I’m here to tell my story and share it with whoever wants to read about it. This post is for everyone who wants to get to know me a little better and it might even clarify a few things for you that didn’t make sense before.

I am the person I am today because of what I’ve been through in the past and I’m not ashamed of it.

What makes me connect with someone and makes me like someone, even more, is knowing deep shit about them. What they’ve been through that’s shaped them in the person they are today. That’s stuff I like to know about people.

I may sound heartless at times but trust me, I’m not. I have a huge heart but not for bullshit and fake people. I ignore those types of people. I want my tribe to only consist of real, honest human beings.

Everyone can be fake but not everyone can be completely raw & vulnerable. It’s rare nowadays. I’ve been told by many people, that I’m an old soul and maybe I am.

Here are 1️⃣0️⃣ things you probably didn’t know about me :

  1. My parents split up when I was 12
  2. I was born with a heart problem
  3. I’ve never had a dog
  4. My middle name is Marie
  5. My favorite purse brand is Michael Kors
  6. My favorite season is summer
  7. I hated the colour pink growing up
  8. My worst fear is drowning
  9. Reptiles freak me out
  10. I’ve had a fear of dragonflies for as long as I can remember

I’d love to learn new things about you guys. I’d love for you to comment down below 💛 and share a few things with me and my readers.



10 things you didn't know about me

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  1. Stephanie Murphy says:

    1. I used to do ballet
    2. I have epilepsy
    3. I don’t have a license (not related to seizures)
    4. I’m left handed
    5. I’m the youngest of 3 children
    6. I love tattoos
    7. I have a problem with spending too much money lol
    8. I get low blood sugar and often come close to passing out
    9. I always have to have some kind of sugared food or drink around
    10. I’m always cold, even in the summer

    1. Chantal Saulnier says:

      ThankYou so much for commenting Steph !!! 💛 i cant relate to many of those, or any actually but thats the beauty of getting to know one and another. We learn what others go through every day , and it brings us closer.

  2. Jenna Chabot says:

    10 things about me

    1. I am the youngest of 5 kids
    2. I’m from a small mining town in northern Manitoba called Flin Flon
    3. My dad passed away when i was 18 due to alcoholism
    4. I was born with a seizure disorder
    5. Ive had my tonsils removed and it almost killed me
    6. I didnt get my grade 12 until i was 21
    7. My biggest fear is my house burning down
    8. I dont know how to drive standard
    9. I have 4 tattoos
    10. I love to nap.

    1. Chantal Saulnier says:

      Thank You so much Jenna for commenting 💛 I love to nap too 😉 I love learning new things about people !!

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